In running text, spell out street names in full, but abbreviate references to specific addresses:

  • walking along Commonwealth Avenue
  • 595 Commonwealth Ave.

In an informal context, BU style is to write Comm Ave and Mass Ave with no periods.

Write out a state name when used alone in running text. When the state is written with a city/town name, abbreviate the state name using AP abbreviations (a list is here), and place a comma before and after the state abbreviation. Do not use two-letter postal codes for state abbreviations:

  • He is a native of Vermont.
  • She lived in Fairhaven, Mass., for 77 years.

Use two-letter postal codes approved by the US Postal Service only in mailing addresses:

  • Boston, MA 02215

Elements of addresses for printed materials (invitations, programs, posters, etc.) should be arranged in the following order:

  • Auditorium/Room Name
    Building Name, Floor Number
    Street Address
    City, State

A zip code need only be included if you expect to receive mail. Therefore, no zip code is necessary for the location of a lecture, award ceremony, etc.

The acronym CILSE is obsolete. The proper new name of the center is as follows:

  • Rajen Kilachand Center for Integrated Life Sciences & Engineering

The proper name for the associated, dedicated fund supporting research is as follows:

  • Rajen Kilachand Fund for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering

Please note that the center name uses an ampersand while the fund name does not.

On first reference, use the full center name. On subsequent references, it is acceptable to use the abbreviated name:

  • Kilachand Center

Spell out “one” when referring to the location of President Robert A. Brown’s office:

  • One Silber Way