Every communication conveys information. But more than that, it leaves an impression of us.

How do you produce engaging communications that feel unique to our individual groups, schools, and colleges, yet ladder up to a singular BU brand? These guidelines will provide direction as you create your communications materials. Your work represents the voice of the entire University, which makes cohesion all the more important.

Business Cards and Stationery

Official Boston University stationery from the Artcraft Company can be ordered online through the BUworks Terrier Marketplace.

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Giving a presentation and not sure where to start? We’ve created PowerPoint templates to help you create branded presentations.

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Student Group Collateral

Student groups are not intended to be governed by BU’s brand identity communications plan. If they are permitted to use the University plate on any materials, they are then bound by brand guidelines.

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Email Signatures

Use these email signature guidelines to present a more unified, professional appearance for official University communications.

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Broadcast Email

Email has a wide reach, so it’s especially important to respect the BU brand.

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Logos on University websites should follow the official logo system. When you work with BU Interactive Design or IS&T, a logo will be set up for you that conforms to the University’s brand guidelines and naming conventions.

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Social Media

It’s important that Boston University has a consistent look and feel across social media.

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Marketing & Communications has developed video standards and branding guidelines that cover your basic video production requirements.

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Digital Ads

Digital ads are great for promoting a special event or program, however they often pose design challenges in terms of space constraints. 

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Pens, T-shirts, USB keys, bags, and other stuff. You can get creative, but don’t manipulate or distort the Boston University logo and do stay true to the brand voice.

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Exterior Signage

Consistent signage helps identify Boston University as a unified urban campus within the city of Boston, an important objective of BU leadership.

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Digital Badges

Follow this standard design convention for digital badges, used with qualifications earned through workshops and noncredit courses.

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