How to think about Boston University

This vision statement is the essence of our brand. It answers what our values are and what we stand for.

So the question was never could we become the top integrated major research university. In the world. Could we blaze new trails of thought. Embrace diversity. And actually feed a deeper desire to better serve humanity itself. Big, ambitious stuff.

The question was never could you—the world’s brightest faculty, students, and researchers—see yourselves here. Sharing ideas, credit, even a higher purpose. Empowered to take risks. Combining our disciplines when possible to create richer, more meaningful ones.

And the question was never could we experiment with the very way we educate. Move from a traditional classroom model to a more experiential one. Beyond our comfort zones. Where egos dwindle. An entrepreneurial spirit glows. And bold, new answers emerge.

As the complexity of the world’s challenges grows exponentially around us, the question for all of us was never could we bring this extraordinary vision to life.

The question was—how could we not?

What does a brand vision do?

A brand vision unites and aligns us. Tells us where we want to go and helps us make the right decisions to get there. It pulls the right people in. Helps us strike a remarkable balance. It helps us show people the bigger picture. And packs an emotional punch.

Likewise, a brand is more than a logo. It’s the embodiment of everything we do and say. A brand conveys our personality, and is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “Boston University.”

As you start to craft communications for your specific area within BU, consider the proof points for your school, college, center, or department that ladder up to our overarching vision. How do you tell your unique story through this lens?