Constant transformation defines Boston University. What started as a small seminary in 1839 has become a 21st-century global research power.

In the past decade, we’ve been invited into the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU), secured competitive multimillion-dollar NSF grants, and partnered with industry giants. We’ve seen record-breaking alumni participation in our first-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign. Our internationally recognized professors attract the highest caliber students from around the globe.

The way we present the University should reflect our progress and vitality.

We’ve assembled this brand guide to help you capture the voice and tone of this ever-evolving place—an intellectual incubator with 17 schools and colleges and the Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences, over 100 institutes and centers, more than 300 programs of study, 3,000 full-time faculty members, and 7,000 dedicated staff—a place where collaborations, discoveries, and advances take place every day.

Our schools, colleges, and centers have individual identities and missions but there is a common spirit of innovation, curiosity, and commitment. When we communicate with the world—whether through print, digital, or social media—we should present ourselves with a powerful, unified voice—a voice describing an institution that is modern, dynamic, confident, and global. One that knows no boundaries.