If our brand were a person, this is what they would sound like.

Our voice is vibrant, smart, bold, and authentic. We’re confident, yet down-to-earth and personal. We shouldn’t sound institutional, stilted, or overly authoritative. We want to speak clearly, simply, and see the world through our audiences’ eyes, not ours.

Our Audiences

As you start to create marketing materials for your school, college, department, or center, keeping your audiences in mind makes your communication more effective.

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The BU Edge in Writing

What makes the writing from BU different than the writing from any other university?

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Writing Examples

At BU, breakthrough ideas are born every day. We should tell those stories in ways that inspire awe and curiosity.

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Featuring Collaboration

Every area of Boston University can tell engaging stories of collaboration.

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Our Work in the Wild

So how have we been putting these ideas into practice? See examples of our cross-disciplinary brand approach in work already out in the wild.

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