The Boston University Identity

Always keep in mind the overarching identity of Boston University.

When you have leaders from disparate fields and disciplines not just coexisting but commingling and collaborating, new ideas are inevitably born. Ideas that change the way we think, see, do, and live.

BU's investment in an unshakable foundation of excellence and the breadth of academic opportunities we offer has created a place of exploration. We actively combine disciplines in ways no one else can to create outcomes no one else has considered. All in the name of combating society’s biggest problems. We’re uniquely positioned to do this level of interdisciplinary thinking because we engage more experts in more areas of study, in a city that fosters our entrepreneurial spirit.

And we’re just getting started.

The Boston University Personality

If our brand were a person, these are the characteristics we would use to describe them.

Excellent / World-class research, liberal arts and professional programs, faculty and staff

Modern / Innovative, forward-looking

Dynamic / Vibrant, fast-moving, stimulating

Confident / Bold, unapologetic

Progressive / Open-minded, inclusive, collaborative, socially conscious

Global / International students, faculty, and programs; engaged in the community and the world

Diverse / Kaleidoscope of people, programs, and learning opportunities

Entrepreneurial / Confident, fearless, and pioneering

Now that we’ve established the basics of our positioning and personality, how do you communicate with all this in mind?