Do not hyphenate email; but do hyphenate e-business, e-commerce, e-newsletter, e-book, etc. Lowercase email in running text, except when the word begins a sentence.

Email and web addresses are written in roman type:


For URLs in display text, it is not necessary to include http:// or www.; simply use or

In running text, www. is optional, and BU’s preferred branding style is to omit www.

Capitalize “URL” (an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator).

Write “internet” and “web” lowercase. Capitalize World Wide Web.

For all other “web” words, when used as an adjective modifying a noun, “web” is lowercase but not joined or hyphenated:

  • web page appearance
  • web address placement
  • web design software

In running text, generally avoid breaking long URLs and email addresses over two lines. Whenever it is necessary to break a URL, avoid doing so in the middle of a word, and do not add a hyphen. Instead, choose a breaking point at the end of a word and place the next symbol at the beginning of the new line:


Use italics for the names of online publications:

  • BU Today;; Slate; Politico

Titled sections, pages, or special features on a website should be roman and placed in quotation marks:

  • Wikipedia’s “Let It Be” entry