Boston University

After an initial mention of “Boston University,” it is acceptable to use the informal “BU” (without periods) in subsequent references. Use “BU” only in a familiar context where the reader will know who we are, since there are other universities with the initials “BU.”

In running text, capitalize the word “University” when used alone to refer specifically to Boston University:

  • President Brown presented the plan at a recent University leadership retreat.
  • The University encourages student involvement in the Boston community.
  • The University has 17 schools and colleges and the Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences.

When using “university” in a general sense, it is lowercase in running text:

  • We are the largest university in Boston.

Capitalize “Charles River Campus,” “Fenway Campus,” and “Medical Campus,” but lowercase “campus” when using it alone.

For all other entities within Boston University, after the first full use of a proper name, lowercase the words “school” or “college,” “center,” and “institute” when used alone:

  • ENG sponsors many events for visiting experts at the college.
  • At COM, you will gain hands-on experience in the college’s AdLab.