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Editors’ Letter – Leadership

May 2022 By Taylor Peyton, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Leadership and Workplace Psychology, Boston University School of Hospitality Administration and Priyanko Guchait, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Houston, Conrad N. Hilton College of Global Hospitality Leadership An often underrated, but important, action that skilled leaders do is offer their followers a new perspective. That leadership […]

Dear Executive, Do You Believe in . . . Magic?

By Taylor Peyton, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Boston University School of Hospitality Administration These days, I know why I pay over $100 for one LEGO set for my six- and eight-year-old nephews. It’s because they are completely captivated by the possibility of what those colorful piles of plastic blocks could be. Star Wars DeathStarTM! Colosseum! HogwartsTM Castle! […]

May 2021 Editors’ Letter

By: Dr. Taylor Peyton and Priyanko Guchait (Co-Editors) If there were ever a moment for great leadership and innovation in hospitality, that time is now.  The COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions have brought unprecedented change to the world, and to our industry.  In response to the challenges ahead, this Special Issue on Leadership for Boston […]

Evolution or Extinction? Leadership through Innovation in a Time of Crisis

By Dr. Taylor Peyton The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has been accelerated by congregation and travel.  By “congregation,” I mean humans gathering to interact in shared, physical space, and, by “travel” I mean that customers traditionally go to a hospitality business to receive their desired service.  Our industry has historically depended on both congregation and […]

Five Actions that Increase Organizational Performance: Insights from Three Hospitality Leaders

By Taylor Peyton and Shashan Bao Successful hospitality companies are masterful at caring for their guests, but do they sometimes fall short when it comes to caring for their own staff?  People-related challenges to effective performance abound, particularly regarding attracting and retaining top talent.  According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the leisure and hospitality […]