Department of Religion

The academic study of religion provides students with an excellent cross-cultural grounding in the humanities and social sciences and is a challenging and personally rewarding area for those preparing for many types of careers, including law, journalism, social work, professional service in religious institutions, and for graduate study leading to teaching careers in religious studies. Students of international relations, international studies, and regional studies frequently find a major or minor in religion helpful for understanding the influence of long-standing ideological conflicts on contemporary events. Students in the natural sciences frequently find a minor in religion appealing given the moral complexity of technology and the medical and health sciences.

Many religion majors choose to study abroad through the Boston University Study Abroad and Internship Programs. Some programs offer coursework in religion, which may be applied toward the major. If coursework in religion is not available in a particular location, students may use credits earned while abroad to satisfy requirements in a second major or minor or as elective credit. If coursework in another discipline is related to the student’s program of study in religion (some history of art & architecture courses in BU’s London or Padua programs, for example) the student’s advisor may allow them to count toward the major as one of two allowed courses taken outside the Religion Department. Students interested in studying abroad should consult with their advisors as early in the planning stage as possible.

Students planning to major in religion should contact Administrative Coordinator Jasmin Hill to obtain a detailed outline of requirements and to be assigned a faculty advisor. Majors then consult their faculty advisors regularly when planning their programs of study. Minors are also encouraged to consult their faculty advisors for guidance.