Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience

The Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience offers a major focused on the interdisciplinary study of mind, brain, and behavior. The field draws heavily from its disciplinary roots, and thus relies on a solid and broad scientific and theoretical foundation. The major combines breadth of exposure to the field with the opportunity for in-depth study in one of three central intellectual traditions in modern neuroscience: neurobiology (with emphasis on cell, molecular, and systems neuroscience), cognitive neuroscience, or computational neuroscience. Students have access to the extensive resources and expertise of faculty across multiple departments and colleges throughout the University. A wide array of courses is offered through the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Health Sciences, Mathematics & Statistics, Physics, and Psychological & Brain Sciences. Opportunities for faculty-mentored laboratory research are available through departments in the colleges of Arts & Sciences, Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, and Engineering, and at the Boston University School of Medicine, including the departments of Anatomy & Neurobiology, Biochemistry, Neurology, Pathology, Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics, Physiology & Biophysics, Psychiatry, and Radiology.