Department of History

Alone among the disciplines, history embraces the sum of the human experience—politics, economy, religion, art, ideas, culture, social structures, and science. It is the goal of the Department of History to facilitate imaginative encounters with the past, which are essential to interpreting who we are and how we came to be where we are. All majors have an advisor in the department with whom they should consult regularly in planning their programs of study. The total number of courses required for fulfillment of the major is 12. Students must complete a core methodology course (CAS HI 200), at least two seminars at the 400 or 500 level, and nine additional courses, of which four must meet distributional requirements. Because of the flexibility within the major program, the department encourages its students to study abroad and pursue courses of study in other departments.

Student Organizations

Phi Alpha Theta

Also see Honor Societies.

Undergraduate History Association

For students interested in the study of history, this organization hosts activities that include panel discussions on careers and further education in history, lectures, and museum trips.

Warren O. Ault Prize

Named for a former chair of the department, this prize is awarded annually to a senior for outstanding academic achievement in history.