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Person holding "My Body, My Choice" sign outside the Supreme Court

Permanent Birth Control Up following Supreme Court Abortion Ruling

Researchers find Dobbs decision ending right to abortion spiked use of permanent contraception—vasectomies and tubal ligations

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  • Image of Lucy Hutyra

    Lucy Hutyra

    Professor, Earth & Environment
  • Image of Ji-Xin Cheng

    Ji-Xin Cheng

    Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Materials Science & Engineering
  • Headshot of Jessica Simes

    Jessica Simes

    Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • james-uden

    James Uden

    Associate Professor, Classical Studies
  • Image of Malika Jeffries-EL

    Malika Jeffries-EL

    Associate Dean of the Graduate School of the Arts & Sciences, Chemistry
  • Headshot of Hank Fien

    Hank Fien

    Director, Wheelock Institute for the Science of Education
  • Xin Zhang Headshot

    Xin Zhang

    Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Steve Ramirez headshot

    Steve Ramirez

    Assistant Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences
  • Mark Grinstaff headshot

    Mark Grinstaff

    Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry
  • Emily Whiting Headshot

    Emily Whiting

    Associate Professor, Computer Science
SPH master’s student Raina Levin’s second-place photo of a socially distanced graduation at Fenway Park.

COVID-19 Photo Contest Winners Capture Moments of Joy, Sorrow, Meaning in Crisis

Life in the Age of a Pandemic competition a reminder of impact of empty shelves, masking, and socially distanced celebrations

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