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Are Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives Helping Workers—or Dividing Them?

BU researchers find few workplace DEI programs robustly track their impact, but that successful efforts have a handful of elements in common

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  • Steve Ramirez headshot

    Steve Ramirez

    Assistant Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences
  • Xin Zhang Headshot

    Xin Zhang

    Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Stephanie Curenton Headshot

    Stephanie Curenton

    Associate Professor, Education Leadership & Policy Studies
  • ksenia-bravaya

    Ksenia Bravaya

    Assistant Professor, Chemistry
  • joyce-wong

    Joyce Wong

    Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • cara-stepp

    Cara Stepp

    Associate Professor, Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences; Director, Sensorimotor Rehabilitation Engineering Lab
  • Mark Grinstaff headshot

    Mark Grinstaff

    Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry
  • Emily Whiting Headshot

    Emily Whiting

    Associate Professor, Computer Science
  • jerry-chen

    Jerry Chen

    Assistant Professor, Biology
  • Ann McKee headshot

    Ann McKee

    Professor, Neurology & Pathology

New Study Identifies the Greatest Threat to Wildlife across North America and Canada: People

BU biology student studied more than 600,000 wildlife rehabilitation center records to look at the human impact on wild animals, from lead poisonings to window strikes to vehicle collisions

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