The Arts & Sciences Writing Program

The Writing Program helps Boston University undergraduates acquire writing and communication skills and more general habits of mind essential both to their full participation in the intellectual life of the University and to their future personal, professional, and civic lives. Most candidates for the BA are required to complete First-Year Writing Seminar and Research, Writing & Inquiry. The standard way of satisfying this requirement is through the two-course sequence CAS WR 120 First-Year Writing Seminar and one of three versions of Research, Writing & Inquiry: CAS WR 150, CAS WR 151 (with a Hub unit in Oral and/or Signed Communication), or CAS WR 152 (with a Hub unit in Digital/Multimedia Expression). In these courses, students hone their abilities to craft responsible, considered, and well-structured written arguments; to produce clear and coherent prose in a range of genres and styles; to read with understanding, appreciation, and critical judgment; to strategically search for and select sources; and to express themselves orally and converse thoughtfully about complex ideas.

The Writing Program also is committed to the success of students whose first languages are languages other than English. Students who submitted evidence of proficiency in English as part of their applications for admission are required to take a writing placement test administered by the program. Students may be placed into one of the program’s ESL courses (CAS WR 111, CAS WR 112) or directly into CAS WR 120.

In addition, the Writing Program offers CAS WR 415 Public Writing to juniors and seniors. In this 4-credit course, students rewrite their scholarly research from a previous course for a public audience.