Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science has a distinguished track record of academic excellence and major achievement in a vital, rapidly evolving field. Our faculty combine high-quality teaching with cutting-edge research in a broad spectrum of theoretical and applied areas. Our BA alumni are pursued by top technology companies as well as major employers in a variety of sectors, including finance, aerospace engineering, entertainment, health care, and education. Many go on to earn advanced degrees in computer science, law, management, and medicine at some of the best universities. Our students are recruited for internships at leading companies and research laboratories. Our PhD graduates go on to research and teaching careers around the world.

The department offers a broad range of courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, providing an education to last a lifetime in a fast-changing field. While making sure that our students are competitive on the job market the moment they graduate, we teach problem-solving techniques that apply regardless of the particular fashions of the day.

The major consists of a common foundation of courses complemented by electives in several tracks, which can be chosen with an emphasis on a particular area or across several areas. A six-course flexible minor is also available. Combined programs include majors in mathematics & computer science, statistics & computer science, linguistics & computer science, and physics & computer science, as well as well as a four-and-a-half-year BA/MS program in computer science.

Several introductory courses (most of which have no prerequisites and can be taken in any order) are available for undergraduates interested in learning more about CS or satisfying Hub units in Quantitative Reasoning, Digital/Multimedia Expression, or various Intellectual Toolkit requirements.

For additional information about the department and its programs, please visit the computer science website.