Senior History majors possessing the requisite GPA (at least 3.0 in all courses and at least 3.5 in all history courses) can choose to complete the History Department’s Honors Program by enrolling in HI 401/402, a two-semester seminar course that will guide students through the research and writing of an Honors thesis. The ultimate goal will be the production of a 45-50 page Honors thesis on a subject of the student’s choice, grounded in primary research. The seminar instructor will advise students individually and facilitate a workshop environment for all thesis writers. Students will also work with a faculty advisor in a related research discipline.

HI 401/402 will count jointly as a single 400- or 500-level seminar towards completing the History major. You may not apply the remaining four credits to your History major; these are considered Honors Program credits earned on top of the courses required for the concentration. Students who fulfill the requirements for HI 401 and HI 402 and who receive a grade of B+ or higher on the thesis will graduate with Honors in History.

The Honors Program offers dedicated students the opportunity to work closely with department faculty, participate in a stimulating and supportive intellectual community, and engage in deep and sustained research on a historical topic. As such, it promises to be a rewarding capstone experience.

Students wishing to write an Honors thesis must secure the approval of both a faculty advisor and the seminar instructor in order to be enrolled in the Honors course.

Instructor for 2020-2021: Benjamin Siegel

Download the Honors Program Application Form.

Please Note: There is no official deadline for applications. Students should turn in their applications to the History Department and/or Professor Siegel as soon as they would like it to be considered. Professor Siegel will contact interested students once the application is received. An in-person meeting may be required in addition to the application.

Research Funding

Boston University offers several opportunities for funding undergraduate research, particularly through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) and the CAS Honors Research Travel Award.

The History Department offers a Department Honors Program Research Grant to students currently enrolled in the Honors thesis course. This grant is intended as a supplement to the above research funding opportunities already available at the university. Applications for this departmental research grant will not be reviewed until students have determined how much funding they can expect to receive from these other programs.

Interested Honors students should fill out the Department Honors Research Grant Application Form and include the following attachments:

  • Copies of all decision letters received from the above research funding opportunities at BU
  • An itemized budget proposal, including transportation, accommodations, research supplies, etc.

Completed applications should be delivered to Professor Siegel.