Red Hat Teams Up with Boston Children’s Hospital, UNICEF

Red Hat lends a hand with researching imaging data from MRIs through the Mass Open Cloud for the Boston Children’s Hospital, working with images stripped of identification. Red Hat Engineering Director and BU Research partnership leader Hugh Brock, however, believes that finding solutions that allow research to work with private data is going to be vital to the future of computing. Brock also coordinates Red Hat’s research collaboration with the Hariri Institute for Computing, a groundbreaking partnership aimed at advancing research into emerging and translational technologies, such as cloud computing and big data platforms. The partnership is a follow-on of the very successful engagement of Red Hat with the Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) project, which is also hosted within the Hariri Institute for Computing.

Red Hat is also currently helping clients work with cloud systems that combine data from both public and private repositories, something the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is seeking to use to improve funding for the social good. Over the course of eight weeks, Red Hat engineers worked with agency staffers to build a prototype of a new mapping tool for UNICEF. The project’s code is open source and available for the community to refine, and UNICEF will continue to add data to it.

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