Why Choose CGS?

By The Numbers
  • Two-year program; no re-application into junior year at BU
  • Four academic divisions: Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Rhetoric
  • 1,200 first- and second-year students total
  • 56 faculty members; 96% of whom hold Ph. Ds
  • Zero teaching assistants; faculty teach all lectures, hold all office hours, and grade all work
  • Seven full-time, professional academic advisors
  • 20,000+ alumni strong
Valuable Liberal Arts Foundation With over six decades of leadership in general education, CGS embodies the BU Hub’s commitment to the depth and breadth of interdisciplinary knowledge. Its innovative, integrated program gives you a challenging and comprehensive liberal arts education. You will chart a unique pathway through BU, exploring a wide range of disciplines as you apply broad learning to real-world problems. You’ll take electives at other BU schools and colleges each semester, making CGS a great option whether you know your intended major or you’re undecided. You’ll learn how to think critically and creatively and how to communicate effectively. These skills transcend majors or industries, giving you the tools to thrive in any profession you choose.
Strong Community CGS is especially great for students seeking a close community within the large university. You are organized onto teams, or cohorts, for the academic year. Under the team system, you share the same classmates, set of CGS professors, and academic advisor throughout the entire year. This helps build strong relationships, and fosters a rich, engaging educational environment. These connections extend beyond the classroom: each faculty team and academic advisor meet weekly to discuss course material and student development, and they are readily available to meet one-on-one with students.
Research Opportunities In a large research university, opportunities to partner with faculty on research can be competitive, especially for first- and second-year students. CGS offers research opportunities with CGS faculty for both credit and stipend, allowing you to build your resume early on in your academic career. Additional research opportunities exist through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.
Study Abroad Opportunities At CGS, study abroad is integrated into the program. All students begin their studies in January and  have the opportunity to study abroad the following summer through the Boston-London program. Students enjoy the CGS study abroad program experience so much that they often opt to do a BU Study Abroad program during junior or senior year.

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