BS in Management Studies

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Management Studies degree program is organized to provide a general overview of the operations of business and the business environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • A broad overview of the concepts, theories, and applications of management and liberal arts.
  • The insights to be creative and flexible so as to generate and apply critical thinking.
  • Preparedness to lead and manage in a wide range of employment scenarios.
  • The analytical and non-analytical tools necessary to address a wide range of general management problems.
  • The business skills and tools necessary to compete in a complicated, quickly changing global environment.

The BS in Management Studies is offered in two formats: (1) evening courses and (2) an accelerated format of evening, weekend, and blended courses. Prospective students should contact Student Services (617-353-2980) to determine which format would best meet their needs. A minimum grade of C must be maintained in all management courses and is required for graduation. Transfer students must fulfill the degree curriculum and residency requirements as set forth for the Bachelor of Science degree.

Admissions Information

For current admissions information, please visit the Metropolitan College website.

Distribution Requirements

(total 48 credits)


  • MET EN 104 English Composition
  • MET EN 201 Intermediate Composition


  • MET MA 120 or higher

Computer Science

  • MET CS 101 Computers and Their Applications

Natural Science

  • 8 credits in the natural sciences (N) courses


  • 4 credits in a 100- or 200-level MET EN literature course or MET HU 221


  • 4 credits


  • 4 credits


  • MET EC 101 Introductory Microeconomic Analysis
  • MET EC 102 Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis

Additional Courses

  • 4 credits in the humanities

Major and Related Courses

(total 40 credits)

A total of 10 courses (40 credits) is required.

Required Courses

Eight courses (32 credits) as follows:

  • MET MG 415 Project Management
  • MET MG 448 Electronic Commerce, Systems, and Web Design
  • MET MG 472 Financial Concepts
  • MET MG 473 Quantitative and Qualitative Decisionmaking
  • MET MG 503 Business in a Changing Society
  • MET MG 520 International Business Management
  • MET MG 541 The Innovation Process: Developing New Products and Services
  • MET MG 550 International Business Law and Regulation

Business Electives

Choose two business elective courses (8 credits) from MET Management (MG) offerings at the 400 level or above.


(total 40 credits)

Choose 10 courses (40 credits). Courses should be selected to complement and broaden the student’s background. When selecting these courses students should consult with their academic counselor.