BLS in English & American Literature

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) in English & American Literature degree program is a focused liberal arts concentration rather than a professional or pre-professional program. Many students go on to graduate or professional study and find employment in teaching, writing, and editing, as well as in less traditional areas. Students utilize their degree in English to develop analytic reading and writing skills, gaining an excellent background for work in law, government, business, medicine, journalism, advertising, literature, and education.

Learning Outcomes

  • A critical understanding of English and American literary culture and its traditions, across genres and time periods.
  • Proficiency in written literary analysis, argumentation, interpretation, and research.
  • Proficiency in the oral discussion of literature.
  • An excellent background for further study, and for employment, in teaching, writing, and editing, as well as for work in law, government, business, journalism, and advertising.

Admissions Information

For current admissions information, please visit the Metropolitan College website.

Distribution Requirements

(total 48 credits)


  • MET EN 104 English Composition


  • 4 credits in a Metropolitan College math course numbered MET MA 113 or higher

Computer Science

  • MET CS 101 Computers and Their Applications

Natural Science

  • 8 credits in the natural sciences (N)


  • 4 credits


  • 4 credits

Additional Courses

  • 4 credits in the humanities (H)
  • 4 credits in the social sciences (S)
  • 8 credits in the humanities (H), natural sciences (N), or social sciences (S)
  • 4 credits in the natural sciences (N) or social sciences (S)

Major Courses

(total 44 credits)

A total of 11 courses (44 credits), completed with a grade of C or higher, is required.

Required Courses

The following four courses (16 credits):

  • MET EN 220 Proseminar: Literary Study
  • MET EN 322 Survey of British Literature I
  • MET EN 323 Survey of British Literature II
  • MET HU 221 Major Authors I

And seven advanced-level courses (28 credits) in the department (numbered 301 or above), including one course in American literature.


(total 36 credits)

Usually nine courses (36 credits), but possibly more depending on transfer credits, chosen with the advice of an academic counselor.