BS in Management Studies—Accelerated

The two-year Accelerated Degree Completion Program (ADCP) provides a fast-track to a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Management Studies from Boston University.

The ADCP is uniquely designed to match the energy and talents of professionals who have risen in the business environment without having completed their bachelor’s degree, and offers a cohesive, traditional college experience for motivated adults. Students enter the program as part of a cohort, and graduate together as a class—meanwhile benefiting from strong personal and professional connections, career networking opportunities, and the University’s recreational resources.

The program’s concentrated, structured course of study makes it possible to complete a BU undergraduate degree in just two years—four semesters and two summers. To meet the needs of busy adults and reduce commuting time, this campus-based program includes a combination of traditional classroom and blended formats.

Additionally, students who achieve a GPA of 3.0 or higher in the program are guaranteed admission—with advanced standing—to a MET graduate degree program in Administrative Sciences.

The Management Studies track provides a comprehensive foundation in the liberal arts and sciences, as well as state-of-the-art management theory and practice in a wide range of topics such as finance, e-commerce, market analysis, and project and operations management.

Applicants are selected based on their academic background and professional experience. They are expected to have completed a minimum of 64* transferable academic semester credits, including:

  • the equivalent of a freshman-level English writing course
  • at least one course in computer programming

A completed application, official high school and college transcripts, and a current résumé are necessary for admission.

*Application to the Accelerated Degree Completion Program requires a minimum of 64 transferable college semester credits, though students with as few as 52 transferable credits will be considered for admission. In the event a student is admitted with fewer than 64 credits, academic advisors are available for consultation regarding how to successfully complete the credit difference. Contact MET Undergraduate Student Services at 617-353-2980 with questions.

Program Curriculum

(total 64 credits)

The Accelerated Degree Completion Program comprises 16 required courses. Please see the Course Listing for all course descriptions.

  • MET HU 400 Great Works of the Modern Era
  • MET IS 400 Great Ideas
  • MET IS 401 Communication Skills I
  • MET IS 403 Natural Science in Contemporary Society
  • MET MG 410 Entrepreneurial Management: Starting, Innovating, and Managing Small-, Medium-, and Large-Sized Ventures
  • MET MG 415 Project Management
  • MET MG 448 Electronic Commerce, Systems, and Web Design
  • MET MG 460 Senior Project I
  • MET MG 472 Financial Concepts
  • MET MG 473 Quantitative and Qualitative Decision Making
  • MET MG 503 Business in a Changing Society
  • MET MG 515 Negotiations and Organizational Conflict Resolution
  • MET MG 520 International Business Management
  • MET MG 541 The Innovation Process: Developing New Products and Services**
  • MET MG 550 International Business Law and Regulation**
  • One Humanities elective

**May be applied toward the MS in Administrative Studies.