Graduate Certificate in Food Studies

Ideal for students and professionals who are considering a career change or seeking to enhance their credentials, the Graduate Certificate in Food Studies program at Boston University’s Metropolitan College provides a solid foundation in gastronomy and can be tailored to focus on food-related areas such as business, communication, history and culture, or policy.

The four-course Food Studies certificate is a good choice for those who may not be in a position to commit to a full degree program. However, because the certificate program shares courses with the Master of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy, Food Studies certificate students who are accepted into the degree program may apply 16 credits toward their degree requirements.

The certificate can be completed on a part-time basis by taking a maximum of two courses per semester.

For information on admission to the Graduate Certificate in Food Studies, and to plan a course of study, please contact the faculty coordinator at 617-358-6291 or by email at

Program Curriculum (16 credits)

A total of 16 credits from the following:

  • MET ML 565 Food Marketing
  • MET ML 610 Special Topics in Gastronomy
  • MET ML 611 Archaeology of Food in Ancient Times
  • MET ML 612 Pots and Pans: Material Culture of Food
  • MET ML 613 Debating Diet
  • MET ML 614 Philosophy of Food
  • MET ML 615 Reading and Writing the Food Memoir
  • MET ML 619 The Science of Food and Cooking
  • MET ML 620 Food and Literature
  • MET ML 621 Researching Food History
  • MET ML 622 History of Food
  • MET ML 625 Wild and Foraged Foods
  • MET ML 630 Cookbooks and History
  • MET ML 631 Culture and Cuisine: France
  • MET ML 632 History of Wine
  • MET ML 633 Readings in Food History
  • MET ML 636 Culture and Cuisine: Italy
  • MET ML 638 Culture and Cuisine: New England
  • MET ML 641 Anthropology of Food
  • MET ML 642 Food Ethnography
  • MET ML 655 Planning a Food Business
  • MET ML 671 Food and Visual Culture
  • MET ML 672 Food and Art
  • MET ML 673 Survey of Food and Film
  • MET ML 681 Food Writing for the Media
  • MET ML 691 Nutrition and Diet: Why What You Eat Matters
  • MET ML 692 Evaluating and Developing Markets for Cultural Tourism
  • MET ML 701 Introduction to Gastronomy: Theory and Methodology
  • MET ML 706 Food and Gender
  • MET ML 712 Food and Society
  • MET ML 713 Agricultural History
  • MET ML 714 Urban Agriculture
  • MET ML 715 Food and the Senses
  • MET ML 719 Food Values: Local to Global Food Policy, Practice, and Performance
  • MET ML 720 Food Policy and Food Systems
  • MET ML 721 US Food Policy and Culture
  • MET ML 722 Studies in Food Activism