Graduate Certificate in Food Studies (on campus and online)

Ideal for students and professionals who are considering a career change or seeking to enhance their credentials, the Graduate Certificate in Food Studies program at Boston University’s Metropolitan College provides a solid foundation in food studies and connections to a vibrant food-focused community of scholars and students.

The four-course Food Studies certificate is a good choice for those who may not be in a position to commit to a full degree program. In addition, because the certificate program shares courses that are part of the required curriculum for the MA in Gastronomy, Food Studies certificate students who apply and are accepted into the degree program may apply 16 credits toward their degree requirements.

Learning Outcomes

  • Interdisciplinary and holistic approaches to the study of food through a liberal arts perspective.
  • Advanced knowledge of social theory applicable to food studies.
  • An ability to critically analyze current and foundational issues in food studies and food systems.
  • Research skills in food studies and knowledge of qualitative and quantitative methodologies for interdisciplinary food studies research.
  • Competence in the written and oral presentation of complex ideas and arguments in scholarly and professional contexts.

Admissions Information

For current admissions information, please visit the Metropolitan College website.

Program Curriculum (16 credits)

Required Courses (two courses/8 credits)

Choose at least two courses/8 credits from the following:

  • MET ML 622 History of Food
  • MET ML 641 Anthropology of Food
  • MET ML 701 Introduction to Gastronomy
  • MET ML 715 Food and the Senses

Elective Courses (two courses/8 credits)

Choose up to two elective courses/8 credits from the following*:

  • MET ML 565 Food Marketing
  • MET ML 623 Food and Museums
  • MET ML 625 Wild and Foraged Foods
  • MET ML 626 Food Waste: Scope, Scale, and Signals for Sustainable Change
  • MET ML 629 Culture and Cuisine of the African Diaspora
  • MET ML 630 Cookbooks and History
  • MET ML 655 Planning a Food Business
  • MET ML 671 Food and Visual Culture
  • MET ML 681 Food Writing for the Media
  • MET ML 698 Laboratory in the Culinary Arts: Cooking
  • MET ML 699 Laboratory in the Culinary Arts: Baking
  • MET ML 706 Food and Gender
  • MET ML 714 Urban Agriculture
  • MET ML 716 Sociology of Taste
  • MET ML 720 Food Policy and Food Systems
  • MET ML 721 US Food Policy and Culture

*Substitutions may be allowed with the program director’s approval.