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Look around—you’ll find that MET offers a whole spectrum of choices, including degree and certificate programs at the graduate, undergraduate, and post-baccalaureate levels, noncredit programs for professional and lifelong learners, and more. You’ll engage in a vibrant learning community and gain real-world, hands-on knowledge to help you achieve your personal goals and career objectives.

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Course Spotlight

  • Information Structures with Python

    Information Structures with Python (online)MET CS 521 OL:

    The Python programming language is an important tool at such firms as Google, YouTube, and Industrial Light & Magic. In MET CS 521, you will learn the concepts and principles of object-oriented software design, development, and engineering. And you’ll use them to design and implement Python applications useful in today’s world of analytics and big data.

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Featured Program

  • MS in Computer Information Systems

    Offered on campus, online, or in a blended format, this program develops technical competence in information systems and expertise in managerial and organizational issues. Concentrations include Computer Networks, Database Management & Business Intelligence, Health Informatics, IT Project Management, Security, and Web Application Development.

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