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Look around—you’ll find that MET offers a whole spectrum of choices, including degree and certificate programs at the graduate, undergraduate, and post-baccalaureate levels, noncredit programs for professional and lifelong learners, and more. You’ll engage in a vibrant learning community and gain real-world, hands-on knowledge to help you achieve your personal goals and career objectives.

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Course Spotlight

  • Mobile Experience

    Mobile Forensics MET CS 694

    Mobile devices are increasingly vital to the practice of digital forensics investigation, and issues relating to smartphone security, such as encryption techniques and mobile malware, impact more people than ever. This course provides detailed explanation of mobile security mechanisms and threats, teaches the principles of mobile forensics—for devices using both iOS and Android platforms—as well as practices in bypassing passcodes, “jailbreaking” devices, logical and physical acquisition, data recovery, and related legal issues. Learn how to extract and analyze data to examine important evidence such as contacts, call logs, SMS, images, audio and video files, web history, passwords, and application data.

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  • Creative Writing

    Introduction to Creative Writing MET EN 202

    Express yourself! Students who are new to creative writing or have had limited creative experience survey a broad variety of writing styles and formats, from fiction to poetry and non-fiction, and find their voice in each. Taught by fiction writer Adam Felts, learn the fundamentals of the form while discussing and vetting your work in a group setting.

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  • Writing of Fiction

    Writing of Fiction MET EN 305

    A unique opportunity for experienced writers to study under the tutelage of novelist Stacy Mattingly—co-author of Unlikely Angel, which was adapted into the Paramount feature film Captive, starring David Oyelowo and Kate Mara—this course will see students workshop their fiction as a class and get individual feedback from the knowledgeable instructor.

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Featured Program

  • Graduate Certificate in Applied Business Analytics

    Help fill the growing need for deep analytics talent. Gain the insight—and hands-on skills—to analyze data-driven business processes, identify performance issues, and propose optimal data-based solutions. Offered online and on campus. Registering for our online Pre-Analytics Laboratory (AD 100), a program requisite, is a great first step.

  • Graduate Programs in Cybercrime Investigation & Cybersecurity

    It’s ideal for law enforcement officers, systems professionals, and others concerned with fighting online crime and protecting data security. Our new Cybercrime Investigation & Cybersecurity concentration (for Master of Criminal Justice candidates) and Graduate Certificate program combine the strengths of BU’s Criminal Justice and Computer Science faculties to prepare you to take on this crucial challenge. Offered online and on campus.

  • Graduate Programs in Data Analytics

    Word’s out: Skilled data analysts and data scientists are in heavy demand. Get the knowledge and skills you need. Check out BU’s master’s programs in Computer Information Systems and Computer Science, both available with Data Analytics concentrations. Or, consider the Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics. Options available online and on campus.

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