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Look around—you’ll find that MET offers a whole spectrum of choices, including degree and certificate programs at the graduate, undergraduate, and post-baccalaureate levels, noncredit programs for professional and lifelong learners, and more. You’ll engage in a vibrant learning community and gain real-world, hands-on knowledge to help you achieve your personal goals and career objectives.

Course Spotlight

  • Arts Administration

    Ethical Dilemmas in Management(MET AD 780)

    Corporate business managers make decisions that have far-reaching social implications; these decisions often involve balancing competing social and ethical values. Former Metropolitan College Dean and Associate Professor of Administrative Sciences Dr. Jay A. Halfond will touch on different ethical systems in the context of various cultures and their relationships to business dilemmas. Students can expect in-depth study and discussion on hot-button topics such as: personal issues and approaches; trust and authority; corporate crime and whistleblowing; and corporate social responsibility.

  • Astronomy

    Cosmology (MET AS 109)

    Examine the evolution of cosmological thought from prehistory to the present—and satisfy the MET natural science divisional credit (without lab) for your bachelor’s degree. Taught by lecturer Daniel Hudon, author of Bluffer’s Guide to the Cosmos (Oval Books, 2009), this course will explore Greek astronomy, including Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, and Einstein; motion, gravity, and the nature of space-time; the expanding universe; the early universe and the Big Bang.

  • Arts Administration

    Biology of Cancer (MET BT 520)

    Studying biology at BU means being on the forefront of innovative research—this course embodies that ideal. In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of cancer biology including the roles of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, the cellular signaling pathways that drive the development and progression of cancer, and the very latest scientific and clinical research on cancer. Students will also gain an understanding for how they may contribute to finding a cure by discovering targeted approaches to cancer therapy. Prerequisites apply: read more here.

  • Administrative Studies

    Agile Project Management(MET AD 649)

    Students interested in Agile project management will come away from this course with an understanding of how new Agile principles and practices change the landscape of project management. This class is designed to teach how to blend Agile and traditional project management principles and practices to fit any business and project.

    Topics include: Agile fundamentals, principles, and practices; roots of Agile in TQM and Lean Manufacturing; adapting an Agile approach to fit a business environment; planning and managing an enterprise-level Agile transformation; scaling agile to an enterprise level using enterprise-level Agile frameworks, and Agile Project Management tools.

    See all Administrative Science courses.

Featured Program

  • MS in Computer Information Systems

    Offered on campus, online, or in a blended format, this program develops technical competence in information systems and expertise in managerial and organizational issues. Concentrations include Computer Networks, Database Management & Business Intelligence, Health Informatics, IT Project Management, Security, and Web Application Development.

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