Have questions about German courses, placement tests, or study abroad?  Email German Language Coordinator, Christiane Kaden (ckaden@bu.edu), to set up a Zoom meeting with a faculty member in the program.

The German program at Boston University offers a curriculum that appeals to a wide range of interests. Students acquire strong German proficiency along with an appreciation and critical understanding of the rich culture, thought, arts and history of the German-speaking world, with particular awareness of their deep connections to Europe, America and the rest of the globe.

Past BU German majors have gone on to careers in business, engineering, finance, law, government, media, medicine, and the sciences, as well as in education, arts and entertainment. Many students double-major, since the BA in German can be completed in 11 courses. The German minor draws students from all BU colleges as well as all branches of CAS. 

Language courses are offered at all levels and are conducted in German almost from the beginning. After completing the first two years of language study (LG111-LG212), students select a third-year class that best aligns with their interests, such as Science and Culture (LG305), Contemporary Culture (LG 307), or German for Professions (LG309). Many students then go on to take the Introduction to German Literature (LG350) – which is the last prerequisite and so opens the door to any of our most advanced courses – or choose from courses such as Translation, German History Through Film, Music and Art in the German-Speaking Countries, German Media and Popular Culture, or German Linguistics. One 400-level seminar is offered each term as well, giving students the opportunity to explore a topic in German at considerable depth. German is the only WLL program in which, for the great majority of courses, all readings and discussion as well as the seminar papers you write will be in the target language.

We also offer courses in English translation which expect no knowledge of German.  LG250: Masterpieces of German Literature is taught once every year and is a good place to start.

A complete list of German language, literature and culture courses is available on the CAS Bulletin or on our all courses page.


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