Major in German Language and Literature (1133)

The major in German Language & Literature allows students to gain a high level of proficiency (ACTFL intermediate-mid) in the German language and develop an in-depth critical understanding of German-language cultural life, past and present. Graduates are prepared to communicate effectively in German and English, to function well in cross-cultural contexts, and to contribute meaningfully to addressing today’s global challenges. This flexible 11-course program works well as a second major alongside a major such as History, IR, European Studies, the sciences, or Engineering.

Like all World Languages & Literatures (WLL) majors, German Language & Literature majors generally begin with CAS XL 100 Leaving Home: Explorations in World Literature, a team-taught course in which students meet the WLL faculty through guest lectures and become oriented in the rich diversity of the world’s literary traditions. They start German language study as early as possible and complete at least three language courses above the fourth semester.

Five additional courses in German language, literature, film, linguistics, and/or culture provide greater depth in areas of interest to the student. A WLL elective focused on a language, literature, or culture other than German helps regional, global and/or historical comparison.

Finally, German majors reconvene with all WLL majors in the senior capstone seminar XL 479, where they share the expertise they have gained and work with a faculty mentor on a final project using German language materials.  Student presentations build oral communication skills and the ability to describe one’s work to others. Possible final projects could include a research paper on literature, film, or popular culture; an annotated translation or work of subtitling; a video essay; or a digital humanities project. Students producing excellent capstone projects will be encouraged to develop them into senior honors work.

All first-year, first-time students pursue coursework in the BU Hub, a general education program that is integrated into the entire undergraduate experience. BU Hub requirements are flexible and can be satisfied in many different ways, through coursework in and beyond the major (or minor) and, in some cases, through co-curricular activities. Students majoring in German Language & Literature will satisfy BU Hub requirements in many Hub areas through coursework in the major, for the rest selecting from a wide range of available courses outside the major.

Minor in German (1128)


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