Have questions about Turkish courses, placement tests, or study abroad?  Email Turkish Language Coordinator, Roberta Micallef (micallef@bu.edu), to set up a Zoom meeting with a faculty member in the program.

Modern Turkey is the successor state to the Ottoman Empire (1299-1922), which at its height spanned parts of Africa, Asia and Europe. Turkish, a beautiful language, will give you access to communication with Turkish speakers, whether in Turkey or any of the Turkish diaspora communities across the world.

Boston University students can take first through fourth semester Turkish, and upon demand fifth and sixth semester are also available. A high percentage of our students regularly win national awards for their Turkish skills, such as the Redhouse award for most improved student of Turkish, Critical Languages Scholarships, and American Research Institute scholarships for advanced language study. Turkish is part of the Middle East and North African Studies major and the minors offered by the Institute for the Study of Muslim Societies and Civilizations.

A complete list of Turkish language, literature and culture courses is available on the CAS Bulletin or on our all courses webpage.

While there is no freestanding Turkish major, students are encouraged to build a major around their Turkish language studies through Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Literatures or the Pardee School’s MENA Studies.


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