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WLL’s program in Chinese has unique strength in offering students the in-depth study of China’s past and present through literature, thought, and film from both an East Asian and world historical perspective.

We offer Chinese language courses from the beginning sequence, through topic courses focused on oral communication, contemporary issues, cultural traditions and specialized professional purposes, up to advanced courses on media, on translating and interpreting, and on modern literature. We also have rich offerings in classical Chinese literature and thought, both taught in Chinese and English. Many of our courses on Chinese culture are taught in English.  LC 250 Masterpieces of Chinese Literature, which is taught every fall, is a good place to start exploring our curriculum.

The program offers a Major (11 courses) and a Minor (6 courses) in Chinese Language and Literature. Majors acquire advanced linguistic skills in Chinese, Chinese cultural and literary heritage up to the present, and develop cultural competence in dealing with the changing context and content of Chinese culture and literature in an East Asian and global context. The writing and analytic skills and the appreciation for cultural commonalities and differences that our students acquire are valuable life skills that have helped our alumni to embark on varied successful career paths.

A complete list of Chinese language, literature and culture courses is available on the CAS Bulletin or on our all courses page.


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