Welcome! This page is addressed to former students who graduated with a major or minor in our programs at Boston University, or who simply enjoy their memories of the language and literature courses they took with us or of their time living in one of the Language Houses.

Alumni of degree programs in WLL have pursued a great range of opportunities and careers after graduating, ranging from Peace Corps and government careers to medicine, law, engineering, computer science, business, graduate study in the humanities, translation work, careers in the arts, and much more.

The study of world languages and literatures at BU is thriving. We teach approximately 2500 students per year. Enrollments in some of WLL’s languages are growing at more than 50% per year. And with our five BA programs, seven minor programs, and full sequences of study in ten languages, we’re growing, and our ambitions are growing, too.

Please see below for links to information that will be of interest to you; more content is on the way. We also encourage you to renew old memories and make contact with the department’s faculty; you will find their e-mail addresses on their individual pages. We invite you to stay connected to language & literature study at BU.

The department offers giving opportunities to alumni and friends; please write to the Chair if you would like to help us in our work.

The department as a whole is eager to hear from alumni; don’t wait for an excuse to write in and tell us what you’re doing, where you’re living, how you remember your time at BU. Please tell us!