WLL offers a wide range of course on world literatures and cultures taught in English translation. The following courses are good entry points for students wishing to get a taste of the world’s great literary masterpieces and traditions.

  • The 250 “Masterpieces” Series Courses introduce students to literary masterpieces in Chinese (LC250), German (LG250), Korean (LK250), Hebrew (LH250), Japanese (LJ250), and Russian (LR250).
  • The 220-Series courses in Comparative Literature look beyond national and linguistic borders to consider how literary traditions interact across the regions of Europe (XL222), the Middle East (XL223), East Asia (XL224), and South Asia (XL 225).
  • In “Topics in Big Fat Books,” (XL230), students enter deeply into the world of one literary work and explore its reverberations across national and disciplinary boundaries.
  • The World Cities Series focuses on the study of major cities through literature, film, and art. Each World Cities course counts towards the Comparative Literature major and the WLL breadth course for all majors within the department. Click here to view the World Cities courses.

Any of these courses can be used to fulfill the “breadth” elective requirement for WLL majors or as electives for majors in other departments.

Check this page each semester for a full list of WLL courses taught in English.