The Department of World Languages & Literatures is a diverse place, deeply thoughtful about identity and justice and warmly welcoming to all people. The overwhelming majority of our four dozen faculty are immigrants. Some are members of racialized, minoritized, or stateless groups within their countries of origin, and many belong to gender/sexual minorities. All are multilingual, with the multiple perspectives polyglossia provides. Many of us also disturb stereotypes, pursuing research on languages or literatures far outside our own cultures of origin. Our students share this ethos of generous curiosity, learning to listen with precision and translate with care. We encourage students to study whatever fascinates them, whether that means delving deeper into their family’s cultural heritage or attaining proficiency in a language they had never heard spoken before college. By teaching ten languages, eight of them primarily non-western, WLL enriches the cultural competence of students and colleagues all around Boston University. By bringing our own multi-layered perspectives to the issues of race and gender, WLL’s faculty and students illuminate the different forms these constructs can take in different societies, thus helping to nourish and de-provincialize the campus conversation about diversity and inclusion.