Have questions about Korean courses, placement tests, or study abroad?  Email Korean Language Coordinator, Sue Griffin (griffins@bu.edu), to set up a Zoom meeting with a faculty member in the program.

Are you into K-pop and want to know more about its roots? Do you love K-dramas and want to understand them without subtitles? Or are you an ethnic Korean and want to learn more about your heritage? Whether you are looking for a way to strengthen your résumé or just love how the Korean alphabet looks, you will find something wonderful while studying Korean at WLL.

The demand for professionals well-versed in Korean language and culture is rapidly rising.  This surge is not solely due to the geopolitical significance of the Korean peninsula in contemporary international politics but also stems from South Korea’s increasingly visible roles in the global popular culture, economy, and technology. In response to this demand, the Korean language program at Boston University offers students a wide variety of courses.

We offer four years of Korean language, including accelerated courses for heritage learners, content-based upper-level language courses such as “Korean Through TV Drama” (LK313), “Tales of Korea” (LK316), “Korean through Popular Music” (LK 319), “Novels of Joseon Korea” (LK 430), “Translation and Interpretation Workshop” (LK450), and “Korean Translation” (LK 460). There are also a number of courses taught in English that focus on Korean literature (LK 250, LK 251, LK 475), film (LK 383), and culture (LK 375, LK 470). More new courses are being developed to broaden the scope and depth of our offerings, so please check back to this site for updates.

A complete list of Korean language, literature, and culture courses is available on the CAS Bulletin or on our all-courses webpage.




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