FAQ 2: MA Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI)

2A. Do I need to complete the MA CORI?

Yes, if the following conditions apply:

  • Your field placement is in Massachusetts (CORI is MA specific); and
  • You will be working with minors.
2b) I completed the CORI for my previous placement. Do I need to complete another one?

Yes. CORI results cannot be shared between sites.

Note: If your previous and current placements are in the same district/organization, it is up to the site to determine if another CORI check is needed.

2c) What is the purpose of the MA CORI?

The CORI reveals an individual’s court appearances in Massachusetts, including arrests, convictions, dismissals, and serious violations.

 2d) Are the CORI and POM Verification Form the same?


  • The CORI is a state mandated background check on criminal history that all sites serving minors must conduct on the adults in their building;
  • The signed POM verification form is evidence that you met the site’s CORI standard for fieldwork (this is a BU generated document and is required under university policy).
2e) When should I complete the CORI check?

Complete the CORI check as soon as you receive your field placement. Follow the steps in #2f below to prevent delays to your placement.

2f) How do I complete the CORI Process?

Three steps:

  • Contact your site’s administrative office to obtain the CORI paperwork;
  • Complete the CORI paperwork; and
  • Verify your driver’s license, passport, or state ID with the site (a valid out-of-state license or state ID is acceptable).

Note: Students placed in Boston Public Schools need to follow the steps in 2h below.

2g)  How long does it take for CORI results to come back?

Results usually take about two weeks, although it can be sooner or later.

2h) Boston Public Schools has an electronic CORI policy. Can you explain the process to me?

Three easy steps:

  1. Complete the eCORI application in full: org/cori
    • Under Non-Employee, check “Other” and then specify your purpose, e.g., field experience, student teaching, research, etc.
    • International students without a social security number should put 00-0000 on the eCORI application.
    • Important Note: Under “Volunteer Location” select your school location. This is what allows the school’s front office to access your eCORI application to complete the next step below.
  2. Verify your driver’s license, passport, or state ID with your school’s front office
    • Call the school’s front office to schedule a time for the ID verification.
  3. Check back with the front office (the person who verified your ID) in 3-4 business days to confirm that you met the district’s CORI standard
    • The electronic CORI format allows for a much quicker turnaround time than the paper-based format

Note: You only need to complete one eCORI per academic year, i.e., it will be good across all BPS schools since the check is run by the district.