Summary of Important Resources

Below is a menu of the most vital resources used by students. It consolidates the BU POM and Field Site Background Checks webpage into a quickly accessible reference guide.

  • Overarching Questions: points out the difference between BU Protection of Minors policy and field site background checks
  • Summary Chart: provides a birds-eye view of what is needed
  • Action Flow Chart: breaks down the process into action steps
  • Essential Tips: provides key information you need to know to support this process
  • Protection of Minors (POM) Requirements: FAQ 1d and 1h-i explain the BU POM requirements and how to submit them once they are completed
    • All students must review the bullets under Important Notes in FAQ 1d
    • POM applies to job-related placements as well (see FAQ 1k)
  • MA CORI: FAQ 2f outlines the steps to complete the field site CORI and ID verification
    • Boston Public Schools only: Students placed in Boston Public Schools need to follow the instructions in FAQ 2h
  • Fingerprint: FAQ 3d explains what to do if you previously completed a fingerprint for a MA public school, and FAQ 3f explains how to proceed if you did not
    • This bullet applies to students in MA public schools only
  • Brookline Public Schools only: Students placed in Brookline Public Schools should follow these instructions (click here)


If you do not have your field placement yet:

  • Save this information for future reference
  • Complete the POM Online Training now if you have not done so already (see FAQ 1d and 1i)