FAQ 3: Massachusetts Fingerprint

3a) Do I need to complete the fingerprint?

It depends:

  • Students in Massachusetts public schools need to fingerprint under state regulations.
  • Students in non-education placements should ask the site’s administration, administrative office, or human resources office.

3b) How much does the fingerprint cost?


3c) Will BU cover the cost?


3d) I completed the fingerprint for my previous placement. Do I need to complete another one?

It depends on what you need to do. Read about Suitability Determination, a provision in the Massachusetts state regulations intended for those who previously completed the fingerprint. Click here for contact information to MA school district human resources offices (also see the Special Notes column for a partial list of districts that accept the suitability letter).

Note: Students who request a letter of suitability determination from Boston Public Schools need to:

  • Complete the Boston Public Schools (BPS) Google Form.
  • Provide the contact information for where the letter is to be sent.
    • Click here for contact information to MA school district human resources offices.
  • BPS does not provide letters to the individual student. They try to send out requests within 3-5 business days.  If you have questions, you should contact Jania Bell and Victoria Nasanga in BPS Office of Human Capital (click here for contact information).

3e) What is the purpose of the fingerprint?

The fingerprint reveals fingerprint-supported arrest records in state police and FBI national databases.

3f) How do I complete the fingerprint process?

Students in MA public schools need to complete the digital/scanned fingerprint at a MA IdentoGo enrollment center. Follow these Step-by-Step Instructions.


  • You may include up to ten Provider IDs (school districts) when you register. Many BU Wheelock field placements in education, including ones you may have in the future, could be in one of the districts listed in the chart below. You may include those District Provider IDs when you register to fingerprint or ask your program’s placement coordinator which ones to list.
  • For a fuller list of District Provider IDs, see the Human Resources MA School Districts chart.
  • Students living Out of State and unable to fingerprint in MA need to follow the instructions for Out-of-State Applicants.
  • Pre-practicum students in Newton Public Schools do not need to fingerprint.


District Provider ID
Boston 00350000
Brookline 00460000
Cambridge 00490000
Chelsea 00570000
Framingham 01000000
Lexington 01550000
Malden 01650000
Newton 02070000
Quincy 02430000
Somerville 02740000


3g) Where do I complete the fingerprint?

Idemia/IdentoGo enrollment centers are located in multiple locations across Massachusetts. Locations closest to your zip code will be provided when you register.


Note: The enrollment center closest to BU Wheelock is Boston – Drydock Avenue, 5-11 Drydock Avenue Suite 2040 – 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02210 (less than four miles from BU Wheelock).

3h) Who do I call about issues and questions relating to the fingerprint process?

IdentoGo Customer Service: 866-349-8130.

3i) How long does it take for fingerprint results to come back?

Results take usually about two weeks, although it can be sooner or later.

3j) How do I find out about the fingerprint results?

Results are sent directly to each district’s central office based on the Provider IDs you entered. Call the district’s human resources office (Click Here) OR ask your site’s administration (e.g., front office staff) for guidance.

3k) Can I do a hard card fingerprint with my local police station?

No. Idemia/IdentoGo is the state-approved vendor and the digitally scanned fingerprint is the mandated format. The only exception is for out-of-state applicants, who must follow the prescribed IdentoGo process at this link: Out-of-State Applicants.

3l) What should I do with my fingerprint confirmation page and receipt?

  • PRINT AND BRING A COPY OF THE CONFIRMATION PAGE to your appointment (it will be emailed to you once you register).
  • SAVE THE RECEIPT from your fingerprint appointment for your files

3m) Do I need to upload my confirmation page or receipt to the Sonia system?