Let’s Get Trivial!

Love BUCK? Wish that it existed back home/when you were in school/for your friends? Well. The BUCK is one of a growing number of community bike learning spaces, and they take resources to start and run. Help us support our friends at Commonwheels, an Allston based bike collective. Started by a BU alum (who also inspired the BUCK), they’ve been providing open air wrenching instruction, group rides, earn-a-bike classes, Rat Race, and other programming for over a decade.

Commonwheels trivia poster, advertising the date and time, Wednesday may 1st, 6-8pm, at zone 3 in allston
Come to trivia with our favorite local bike collective!

So where do you come in? Commonwheels is hosting a Trivia Night fundraiser to kick off Bay State Bike Month

Wednesday May 1


Zone 3, Western Ave, Allston

$10 entrance fee

BUCK (and Commonwheels) Staff Mechanic PQ will lead anyone who wants to ride over to Zone 3 from 1019 Comm Ave at 5:30 that evening. Can we get a whole team together? Let us know if you want in!

Get ready to answer questions like “What inspired Rat Race?” “How many miles of bike path does Allston have?” and “Which Commonwheels volunteer has the most bikes?” For that last one, you might want to swing by a Thursday morning coffee hour.

Keep your eyes peeled for some other great May events, coming soon!