NEW: “Roll Safe” resource page

Like newborn fawns taking their first steps, new bike, scooter, and skateboard riders are wobbling their way into Boston’s bike lanes. Whether you’re one of those new fawns or a traffic-seasoned buck, it’s probably a good idea to brush up on some basic street safety skills. Who knows: you might learn something!

Please visit our new Roll Safe page for the City of Boston’s comprehensive list of tips for riding your micromobility device (bike, scooter, skateboard…) in town plus this fun video about Comm Ave’s bike lanes:

Our new Roll Safe page includes information about:

  • Inspecting your bike before riding
  • Ways to tackle traffic at your own pace
  • Tips for sharing the road
    • Rules of the road
    • Hand signals
    • Using lights
    • Common crashes
    • Navigating bike lanes
  • Riding in all weather

Check it out!