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The first step to register for one of our summer courses or programs is to identify with one of the groups below.

If you are planning to take an undergraduate- or graduate-level summer course, you can begin by browsing our summer 2023 course listings. There are more than 700 courses to choose from.


Requirements for registration

BU has several requirements in place that students must fulfill. You can check your Compliance Status by going to the “Personal” tab on the Student Link. If you are not compliant, a hold may be placed on your registration until the requirement is fulfilled.

Requirements related to summer enrollment include:

BU Alert phone number

This number is used to notify you of a University-wide emergency. You can update your Alert Number on the Student Link, “Personal” tab, under the “Address and Phone” option.

Financial obligation

Students are required to settle their Student Account by the payment deadlines set for each academic term. A hold will be placed on accounts that are not settled, which will prevent future registration activity until the payment is made.


Massachusetts law requires all full-time students and all international students to be immunized against a number of diseases in order to attend the University. Students must obtain these immunizations to remain in compliance.

Local address

In order to comply with the safety regulations of the City of Boston, students must provide a current local address. You can view and update your local address on the Student Link, “Personal” tab, “Address and Phone” option.

Sexual misconduct prevention training & alcohol education

All BU students are required to complete online training modules as part of our commitment to student wellbeing and a healthy campus community.

Students registered for Summer Term courses will receive an email with instructions for completing their required training(s) in early May.

If you are a visiting student who enrolled in BU Summer Term courses in the past, you will be marked non-compliant in the system and prevented from registering for Summer Term 2023 if you have not completed your required training(s). To see which training(s) you’re required to complete, please go to the Compliance Status page on the “Personal” tab on the Student Link.


Important Dates

  • December 15

    High School Programs Applications Open
  • January 15

    Visiting International Student Application Opens
  • February 16

    2023 Course Registration Opens


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