Tuition, Fees & Payment

The tuition for a course is determined by its number of credits, the level of the course (undergraduate vs graduate), and the Boston University school or college through which it is offered. The chart below lists the per credit tuition charges for summer 2024. The tuition for each course is also listed at the end of its course description, found in the course listings.

Tuition costs per credit, Summer Sessions 2024

Undergraduate Courses
numbered 100 to 599, per credit
Graduate Courses
numbered 600 to 999, per credit


College of Fine Arts
Music Education courses on campus, per credit
College of Engineering
All courses numbered 500 and above, per credit
Metropolitan College
Courses numbered 100 to 599, per credit
Metropolitan College
Graduate courses numbered 600 to 999, per credit
Questrom School of Business
MBA part-time, per credit
School of Social Work
All courses on campus, per credit
School of Theology
Non-DMin master’s program summer courses, per credit
Wheelock College of Education & Human Development
All courses on campus, per credit

Additional fees
Paid by each student and not refundable once a session has begun

Student Services fee (per session) $60
Laboratory fee (per lab course) $200
Replacement fee for student identification card (Terrier Card) $40

Note: A late payment fee may be assessed to your student account if your Summer Term payment or receipt of settlement documentation is received after the session payment deadline. The late fee schedule for summer 2024 is available beginning in February on the Student Accounting Services website.


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