Training Waiver

We understand that completing the Sexual Misconduct Prevention and/or AlcoholEdu trainings may be difficult for some students. If you have concerns about completing a training due to its content, a waiver can be requested confidentially through the PatientConnect portal.

How to Request a Waiver

  1. Log on to Patient Connect
  2. Select “Messages” on the left-hand side of the screen
  3. Click the button, “New Message” 
  4. Choose “Health Promotion & Prevention” from the list of options
  5. Select either
    • Request for Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training Waiver
    • Request for AlcoholEdu Training Waiver
  6. Check the box to request a waiver due to the content of the training (no additional information is required)
  7. Click Submit

Please note that your request for a waiver may take up to 3 business days to process.