Visiting International Student Registration

Boston University Summer Term welcomes students from across the globe. With over 700 courses to choose from, we offer the opportunity to expand your knowledge through rigorous coursework while increasing your network.

Enrollment for visiting international students is now open. You can begin the registration process by visiting our How to Register page for visiting international students. The registration process includes completion of our International Student Online Enrollment Form and submission of required documents.

Start and end dates for standard Summer Term 2020 courses:

  • Session 1: May 20–July 1
  • Session 2: July 6–August 14

2020 Registration Deadlines for Visiting International Students: 

Session 1 Session 2
For students requesting a Boston University I-20 April 22 June 8
For all other students May 20 July 6


Commonly Asked Questions

Do I need to be accepted into an undergraduate or graduate academic program to take courses at BU during the summer?

You do not have to be accepted into a degree program to take summer courses at BU. For students who want a short-term educational experience in the US, a Summer Term session is ideal. (Please note that to take courses in the fall or spring semesters you will need to formally apply to BU. Open enrollment is only for the summer.)

How many summer courses can I take?

A full course load in a standard six-week session at Boston University Summer Term is eight semester credits (generally two courses). As a visiting international student, the number of credits you may enroll in is determined by your visa type. Please visit our Visa Information page to learn more.

How do I register?

International enrollment forms for Summer Term are now available. To begin the registration process, please visit our How to Register page.

Course codes

All Summer Term courses are assigned a college and departmental code, a three-digit course number, and a section identifier. For example, CAS EC 101S A1 means that the course is offered in the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS), by the Economics Department (EC). The course number 101 indicates it is an introductory course, the S indicates it is a summer course, and section A1 indicates it is offered in Summer 1. Please see Course Codes & Numbers for further information on the numbering system.


Charges for tuition and fees will appear on your student account soon after you register for classes. These charges will remain, and you will be responsible for payment, unless you officially withdraw or drop your course(s) by the published deadlines. See the Tuition & Fees section for additional payment information.


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