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Are you a motivated student interested in earning college credit but unable to be in Boston this summer? Then High School Honors Online could be right for you.

As a rising junior or senior, you can take up to two courses and earn college credit from Boston University—right from your own computer. Learn from distinguished BU instructors. Engage with challenging coursework. Participate in dialogue with college undergraduates and other high school students around the globe. Explore exciting subjects through online lectures, discussion boards, individual assignments, and a flexible weekly schedule.

High School Honors Online courses are an excellent option for independent learners with strong time management skills.

Note: Online courses are those designed to be online (with an OL designation) while remote courses are face to face courses that are moving to a remote format due to COVID-19.

Online courses may run on a different schedule than the standard High School Honors schedule. Please consult the dates below before applying to the program.

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