AIM: Introduction to Medicine

Note: The Medicine track is now full and is no longer accepting applications.

For rising juniors and seniors, Academic Immersion: Introduction to Medicine is an intensive three-week premedical program. It is offered in partnership with the Department of Medical Sciences & Education at the BU School of Medicine.

AIM’s premedical track will provide you with a broad introduction to the field of medicine, combining coursework in related sciences with project-based learning activities and explorations of the various career possibilities that exist within the field.

In the mornings, you will attend seminars led by BU instructors that focus on three core topics: anatomy and physiology, infectious diseases, and contemporary issues in medicine.

In the afternoons on week one, you will engage with material that will introduce you to what medical students experience in the early phase of their education, including:

  • Virtual didactics of fundamental topics in medicine
  • Clinical case studies
  • Discussion sections on various medical fields and public health issues
  • Workshops led by different medical professionals, such as genetic counselors or radiologists
  • Meetings with medical students and graduate students who will share their postgraduate experiences in the sciences with you

In the afternoons of the last two weeks of the program, you will engage in a project-based activity focusing on an emerging issue in public health.

All activities are led by medical faculty on staff at BU’s School of Medicine or faculty and graduate students from BU’s Charles River Campus. The educational goals of the program are to: 1) deepen your understanding of the academic science behind medicine; 2) provide you with opportunities to engage with graduate medical students; and 3) introduce the range of professional possibilities that exist within the medical field.

There are plenty of remote social activities to make sure everyone becomes familiar with BU and each other! You can participate in scheduled group activities and will be able to mix it up and join students in our other programs for a variety of scheduled remote events.

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