Student Organizations


Student organizations will use 25Live to search for and request locations for their events.  Their authorized representative can place a request in 25Live. Recommended browsers: Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

25Live Pro

Looking to book over an “SAO Hold” or in a building when it is closed? Please use this Space Request Form.

Gaining Access to 25Live

SAO provides our department with a list of authorized student organization representatives. Only one person per student organization can have access to 25Live. We manually add those student reps to have access to the training in BU Learn and send an email, advising them on the Training. If you are not the selected student representative, you cannot have access to 25Live.


In order to use 25Live, the student representative must be trained on the system.  ALL of these steps must be followed in order to get access to 25Live.

  1. Log into BU Learn.
  2. In your course listing, find the Student Event Scheduling in 25Live course and watch the video.
  3. Take the quiz after watching the video. You need a score of 80 to pass.
  4. Log into 25Live. This creates a user account for you in the system.
  5. Immediately log out by closing your web browser.

Once you have done all of the above, you need to email us so that we can review your account and grant you the correct permissions in 25Live. In the email instructions the student representative receives from Reservations, they will provide you with the email and a DEADLINE to complete the training for the semester. Failure to complete the training by the deadline means you will not have access to 25Live.

Event Planning

Programming Dates

Student organizations are allowed to have events only when classes are in session each fall and spring semester, from the first day of classes to the last day of classes. Events are not allowed during study days, finals, spring break, summer, and any holiday or holiday period when the University is closed.

“The Square”

All registered student organizations are given a “Square” designation of Commonwealth, Beacon, Bay State, or Brookline by the Student Activities Office. Organizations can only view and book the locations in 25Live based on their Square designation. If you don’t see a location, you are not eligible to reserve it.

Booking outside of the “Square” designation

If a student organization wishes to book a location that is not within their “Square” permissions, they must get approval from the Student Activities Office. Upon approval, SAO will email us the approval and copy the student organization. E&C Reservations will then follow up with the student organization to get the details on the event and make the reservation in 25Live. Within the reservation, it will be noted who in SAO gave the approval. The reservation will be attached to the secretary and the confirmation will be sent to the student group.

Planning Your Event

Student organizations should contact the Student Activities Office to arrange for all services needed at a student function. No student organization should contact a University service department directly. Event registration must be submitted through Terrier Central at least two weeks prior to the function date.

For any student organization event that will require services (room setup, AV, catering, etc) from a campus service provider department and payment for those services, a location for the event must be requested and confirmed no less than two weeks prior to the event date.  Any request for a location for a date less than two weeks out will be cancelled.  Meetings in classrooms and conference rooms and practices/rehearsals that will not require any services do not need to follow this two week rule so locations can be requested up to and including the event date.

6 Hours Rule for Practice/Rehearsals

Student organizations are allowed a total of six hours of practice/rehearsal time each week between the GSU Alley, SAC Dance Studio, and SAC MPR. The six hours can be all in one of these locations or split between them. A week is defined as Sunday to Saturday, as indicated when viewing a calendar view in 25Live. This six hour rule applies only to practices and rehearsals. Any workshops, one-time special events, or auditions/tryouts are exempt from the six hour limit; however, auditions and tryouts cannot exceed their own total of six hours each week between the GSU Alley, SAC Dance Studio, and SAC MPR.

Classrooms after 9 PM for Practice/Rehearsals

Student organizations cannot book any academic classrooms (OUR classrooms) for practices or rehearsals on weekdays prior to 9 PM to prevent any disruption to evening classes. Practices and rehearsals are allowed after 9 PM and anytime on weekends. Performances for which a large academic auditorium may be requested do not have to adhere to the 9 PM start time and can start earlier provided that there are no academic classes scheduled in any nearby classrooms. Performances with a start time on a weekday prior to 9 PM will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and only approved pending a review of nearby academic classes.

Student organizations are allowed to book no more than five days of Link Tables per month. A Link Table reservation is for half of an 8’ table. A full table cannot be reserved for one student organization. Link Tables are only available during the academic year. For fundraising, student organizations are allowed to serve and sell whatever they want but items such as bubble tea, baked goods (cakes, cookies, brownies, and other pre-baked items that can be displayed and eaten at room temperature), and donuts are preferred as these items can be served at room temperature and have less health and safety risks for food-borne illnesses.


Student organizations must always use Catering on the Charles or Catering at Fenway Campus by Sodexo, except in the catering-free zones. Catering-free zones for student organizations are the basement of the GSU (GSU Alley, BU Central), SAC MPR, and the basement of Marsh Chapel. In these locations, student organizations are allowed to provide food and beverages from any restaurant, caterer, or bring in their own food.  An exemption from Catering on the Charles is not required, and Catering on the Charles does not have to be involved in the event in any way.

Student Production Services (SPS)

SPS is a division of LETS and primarily services student organizations with sound, lighting, and video projection. For more information about SPS, refer to the SPS Production Support Guide in Terrier Central.