George Sherman Union

Located in the center of campus, the George Sherman Union (GSU) is not only the student center but the premier central campus events facility. Offering spaces for lectures & meetings, banquet dinners, awards ceremonies, receptions, large conferences with plenary & breakout sessions, and more, the options are endless at the GSU. 

Learn more details about some of the key programming locations:

Additional GSU locations

Below are brief descriptions of locations within the GSU.

Stone Lobby

As the entrance way to Metcalf Hall and Ziskind Lounge on the 2nd floor of the GSU, the Stone Lobby is booked in conjunction with Metcalf Hall events and often serves as a registration/check-in location for Metcalf Hall events. View in 25Live

Information Desk

Managed by the Office of the Dean of Students, the GSU 2nd floor Information Desk is staffed by student workers.

The Link

The first-floor entrance hallway to the GSU is referred to as “The Link”. When you enter from the front, the Mugar Library entrance is to the right; the staircase to the 2nd floor is straight ahead; and the entrance to the GSU Food Hall is to the left. As you walk towards the GSU Food Hall, there are often tables set up for students for ticket sales, giveaways, information sharing, or promotional events. While it is possible to reserve a table here, usage is predominantly reserved for student groups.

Reserving a Link Table (only available during the academic year) by a department requires special approval and E&C will seek that approval when you make your request. Approval is not guaranteed. A Link Table reservation is for half of an 8’ table. A full table cannot be reserved for a department. Departments can make requests for a GSU Link Table on this departmental request form. (Note: Student organizations must make requests in 25Live.)


The preferred types of events for the GSU Backcourt are receptions, meals, and other types of events that will have food. Events using the GSU Backcourt must utilize the existing tables, chairs, and booths. Furniture cannot be moved so the room must be used as is. Student organizations that are dance-focused are not permitted to use the GSU Backcourt for rehearsals. View in 25Live

Event times & approvals for Backcourt & Academy Room: Weekday events in the Backcourt and Academy Room at the GSU cannot begin until 7 PM as both areas are used during the day for dining seating for the GSU Food Hall. Events cannot have a start time earlier than 7 PM, but setup (by Facilities, Catering, LETS, SPS, and other service providers) can begin at 5 PM. During the summer, weekday events starting before 7 PM may be approved. Approval is granted by Dining Services via a request from Events & Conferences and is not guaranteed. There are no time restrictions for the Backcourt and Academy Room on weekends, other than GSU building hours.

The Academy Room

Usage of the Academy is similar to Backcourt. However, the location is smaller. Furniture cannot be moved so the room must be used as is. See above note about event times and approval for this room. View in 25Live

BU Central

Located on the basement level next to the BU Alley, BU Central is a study lounge, game room, and small event space for students. This space is used for student organizations only and can be requested via Terrier Central.

Fox Fountain / GSU Plaza / GSU Courtyard

See Outdoor Locations.

Ziskind Lounge

Ziskind Lounge is primarily a student study space; the access point for GSU Auditorium and Terrace Lounge; and the elevator access point for the GSU’s only passenger elevator to service the second floor.

Ziskind Lounge cannot be booked for a standalone event but with proper approval, it can be used in conjunction with the other locations surrounding it. Typically, the only way that Ziskind Lounge can be used is if the entire GSU 2nd floor is being used for your event. Using Ziskind Lounge for a standalone event would take all other spaces offline, hence the reason that approval for use of this location is rarely granted. View in 25Live