Getting Access

Three color keys, in gold, blue, and purple.BU Faculty & Staff

Gaining access to 25Live is a multi-stage and role-dependent process. BU faculty and staff should follow these steps:

1. Watch the video tutorials on the Registrar’s website. 
2. After viewing videos, you must log-in to 25Live Pro to create a user record and then log out by closing your web browser.
3. Next, fill out the “Request Access to 25Live” form at the bottom of the 25Live Access page on the Registrar’s website.
4. Your request will be reviewed and confirmed within 5 business days. Each individual needs to be put into the appropriate security groups based on their usage and needs.

Recommended browsers for 25Live: Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

Student Organizations

Please view the information on the Student Organizations page about gaining access to 25Live.