GSU Auditorium

View of GSU Auditorium from the back of the center aisles, with all empty rows of seats.

GSU Auditorium (GSU Aud / GSU 228)
sometimes referred to as GSU Conference Auditorium
775 Commonwealth Ave, 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02215 (map)


The GSU Auditorium is a fixed seating auditorium with a capacity of 260.

25Live: View the details for this room

Nearby locations: GSU Ziskind Lounge

Audio-Visual: AV instructions with additional AV equipment information on the Classrooms website

Stage dimensions: useable space is approximately 40′ wide x 11′ deep

Square footage: 2,066 sq ft

Seating capacity: 260 ppl, fixed seating

Diagram: GSU Auditorium

You can also view these floorplans for the GSU Floors 1-3 to see how the GSU Auditorium situated on the 2nd floor.

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