If you’ve decided to partner with a non-BU company or organization to hold an on-campus event, start by reviewing “Know Before You Reserve” as these guidelines apply to sponsored events. Your department is assuming all responsibility for the event, including Guest Conduct responsibilities.

Contacting & Paying BU Service Providers

Your department is responsible for initiating and maintaining communications with campus service providers. For example, want to have a reception at the sponsored event? Your department contacts Catering on the Charles, not the non-BU group. Need reserved parking? Your department contacts Parking & Transportation Services.

For payment of services, your department needs to provide each service department with FSRs and ISRs, as applicable, for the services they provide. Non-BU groups cannot pay campus service providers directly with checks or credit cards. They can provide payment to your department, if applicable, and then you can provide the FSR/ISRs to campus service providers.

Note: If you have contracted Events & Conferences for event coordination, there might be variations in this process. We will outline your responsibilities as we work together to plan your event.

Attendance by Department

A representative of your department must be present for:

  • The full duration of the actual event
  • Any planning meetings held with service providers
  • Any site visits conducted on-campus

Multiple people within your department can represent your department, as long as one is present for each of the above.