GSU Metcalf Ballroom

GSU Metcalf Hall Grand Ballroom (GSU 219)
775 Commonwealth Ave, 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02215 (map)


Metcalf Hall can be used alone or in conjunction with other event spaces in the building. The ballroom has integrated media and sound systems to support all your event needs. A retractable air wall divides Metcalf Hall into two spaces for smaller events.

25Live: GSU Metcalf Hall Grand Ballroom (GSU 219)
When partitioned with the air wall, the rooms are GSU Metcalf Hall Small Ballroom (GSU 219A) and GSU Metcalf Hall Large Ballroom (GSU 219B)

What’s Included: GSU Stone Lobby, GSU East Balcony (GSU 330A)

Nearby locations: GSU 3rd Floor Conference Rooms, GSU Ziskind Lounge, GSU Auditorium, GSU Terrace Lounge

Audio-Visual: Technicians required to utilize house systems.

Great for: Social events, conferences, large-scale events, banquets

Square footage: 12,057 sq ft

  • GSU Metcalf Small Ballroom (GSU 219A): 4,349 sq ft
  • GSU Metcalf Large Ballroom (GSU 219B): 7,706 sq ft

Layout capacities

  • As is / empty room: up to 1200 ppl
  • Banquet: up to  950 ppl
  • Buffet: up to 820 ppl
  • Classroom-style: up to 828 ppl
  • Reception: up to 1200 ppl
  • Theatre: up to 1200 ppl

Diagram Libraries

With a room as large and as flexible as this, there are a lot of options for setup. Each section below has options based on a variety of layout style/event type, with total capacity in parentheses. You can also view these floorplans for the GSU Floors 1-3 to see how Metcalf Hall situated in the building.

Photo Gallery

The John R. Silber Symphonic Organ is a one-of-its-kind musical instrument that is hidden in plain sight in the GSU Metcalf Hall. (more)