African Studies / African Languages & Literature

The African Studies curriculum provides ample opportunity and variety to the student interested in pursuing the minor.

The minor in African language of the student’s choosing is applied in courses in cultural and linguistic anthropology, sociology of language, history, language in government and education, literature, international relations, ethnomusicology, and folklore and oral traditions.

Undergraduates can elect to minor in African Studies and African Languages & Literature. In addition to on-campus African Studies offerings, students can take courses through BU Study Abroad programs. Opportunities also exist for students to cross-register in African Studies courses at nearby colleges and universities.

The African Studies Center offers degree-enhancing opportunities for undergraduates as well as graduate students.

The African Studies Center is a federally funded National Resource Center for African Studies. As such, the center has financial aid available for both undergraduate and graduate students who are studying African languages. Students from programs such as public health, education, law, business, and art history have been past recipients of these fellowships.