BA in International Relations/MA in International Affairs (BA/MAIA)

The Bachelor of Arts in International Relations/Master of Arts in International Affairs (BA/MAIA) is a rigorous five-year program designed to ensure that students develop both broad and deep knowledge of the interdisciplinary field of international relations while acquiring a rich and varied research experience.

The BA/MAIA supports the academic and career goals of undergraduate students by allowing them to graduate with a rigorous professional MA in International Affairs, with only one additional year of course work. In order to complete the program in five years, the last year of undergraduate study is integrated with the first year of graduate work. Students in the BA/MAIA gain foundational education in the economics, history and theory of international relations through their undergraduate coursework which is supplemented with graduate courses on the fundamentals of international relations scholarship, quantitative research methods, the workings of the global economy, and the practice of diplomacy and negotiation.